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HDPE pipe systems for the conduction of abrasive and corrosive fluids, offering safe, hermetic, reliable and economically convenient systems.

  • Diameters up to 48 ”Ø in the different DR´s.

  • PE 4710, PE100 and PE100-RC resins.

  • Monolayer and multilayer system.


Special pipes:

  • TKP - Reflex: Reflects the sun's rays.

  • TKP - AR: Abrasion resistant.

  • TKP - TR: Resistant to high temperatures.

  • DOUBLE CONTAINMENT PIPE: Pipe system for protection of liquid leakage.

Fittings and accessories:

  • Tees

  • 22.5°, 45° 90° elbows in long or short radius

  • Reduced tees

  • 45° and 60° wyes

  • Concentric Reductions

  • Flange adapters and iron backing rings


We comply with the following standards and/or certifications:

Customer satisfaction is our priority. For this reason, we are certified and carry out laboratory tests on our products in order to deliver high-quality HDPE pipes that satisfy customers.

We offer our PE-4710 pipe, included in the TR4 of the PPI (Plastic Pipe Institute), supported by our excellent allies and suppliers of the best resins available on the market. TKP piping and fittings meet applicable standards for operation in the United States.


Our Quality system complies with the ISO-9001: 2015 standard.


The pipe is manufactured according to the general use standards for different applications:


We are using a resin that complies with ASTM D3350.


We manufacture pipe under these standards:

  • ASTM F714

  • ASTM D 3035

  • ASTM F 2619

  • AWWA C 906

  • NSF 14/61

  • FM CLASS 1613


In addition, our manufacturing plant in Monterrey Mexico, has a laboratory equipped to verify the qualities of our products:


  • Density

  • Melt index

  • Tensile strength

  • Content of Carbon Black

  • Hydrostatic pressure resistance

We comply with other standards and certifications.

Contact one of our representatives for more information.

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