Bilayer and Monolayer, High Temperature Resistant HDPE

Designed to resist higher temperatures, TKP-TR expands the application field of the PE pipe up to 180ºF. The TKP PE pipeline includes pipes and fittings in diameters from 3 " to 20“ IPS, DR from 7 to 11.



  • Uses a special polymeric compound, PE-RT, developed in Europe.

  • Withstands higher operating temperatures than allowed by standard PE4710 products.

  • Continuous operation at temperatures from -45°C (-49°F) to 82° C (180°F). Like PE4710 pipes, TKP-TR follows the same parameters for Butt fusion and can be jointed also using range adaptors and backing rings, among others mechanical methods.

  • TKP offers diameters from 3 "to 48" and of course, TKP-FIT offers the fittings.

  • Typical DR´s are 7,9, 11,17 and 26; contact your sales representative for other wall thicknesses.


A considerable amount of water is required for the drilling and explode of the oil and gas wells.

For example, during the Fracking exploitation process:

Water with different chemicals are pumped into the well and then are recovered with different chemical components, including dry natural gas, wet natural gas, crude oil, etc... and at higher temperature depending the depth of the well. TKP-TR is the right choice: applying all the qualities of the HDPE pipe, plus the improved resistance to chemicals and temperatures. 

** NOTE: The applicable codes for the conduction of fluids with chemical substances must be reviewed. In the case o f the USA, driving a fluid with more than 2% or more of hydrocarbons must apply an additional factor of 50% less working pressure.


The main field of application for the  TKP-TR pipe is in the energy industry 





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