Temperature Adjustments

Temperature Adjustments or Chemical Agents in TKP pipe

The TKP pipe is made of high-density polyethylene with the most advanced materials available on the market, however, the nature of polymers, especially polyolefins, are affected when subjected to constant periods of high temperature during their useful life.


The two effects of temperature that must be taken into account when designing and installing the TKP pipe are:



  1. The expansion and thermal contraction.

  2. Adjustment to working pressure.

Thermal expansion and contraction must be considered during design, layout and installation. Although the coefficient of expansion and contraction of the TKP pipe is greater than for other materials, the forces generated by the thermal stress are much lower, since the modulus of elasticity is smaller and the pipe is capable of presenting relaxation.

 We develop your projects integrally. Our engineering department is ready to support and advise you, leave our solution to your needs in the hands of our engineers.



The TKP pipe meets the requirements of the following Certifications:

National Certifications:




NOM-001 CONAGUA.- Applicable to products for water conduction, drainage, and household outlets.




NMX-E-18- CNCP.- Applicable to pressurized water supply products.




CFE-LAPEM.- Applicable to products that are sold to the CFE, industrial use or conduit.



The Type II pipeline of TKP is certified as complying with Standards NOM-001 CONAGUA and NMX-E18-CNCP.

International Certifications:




ASTM F-714 PE PIPE 4 "- 65" DIAM.- Applicable to medium and large diameter pressure fluid pipes.


ASTM D3350 CELDA DE CLASIF.- That certifies the correct selection and application of Raw Materials.

 ​ ​

AWWA C906 Applicable to PE pipe of medium and large diameters: 4 "-65" for use in drinking water pipe.

PPI PE 4710.- Applicable to PE pipe with performance of PE-4710 according to Technical Report TR-4 of the Institute of Plastic Pipes.


PPI PE 100.- Applicable to PE pipe with performance of PE-100 according to Technical Report TR-4 of the Institute of Plastic Pipes.


The TKP - TYPE II-PE-4710 pipe and the TKP-TYPE II-PE-4710-REFLEX pipeline are included in the Technical Report # 4 (Technical Report 4, TR 4) of the Institute of Plastic Pipes (PPI) in the Table IA13.

NSF 14.- Plastic piping systems components and related materials.

NSF 61.- Drinking water systems components.

ISO-9001:2015.- Quality management systems. Requirements. 


Cubing of Cargo Vehicles

The TKP pipe is manufactured under a continuous plastic extrusion process, which means that the pipe is obtained as a single element which can be cut into sections of desired length. In the smaller tubes, the flexibility of the pipe allows it to be rolled in even longer lengths.



As desired, the TKP tubes can be cut to lengths that make transportation more practical, taking into account that the length of a normal land transport unit is approximately 12.19 m. (40 feet) it is recommended that the sections be 12 m in length.



There are also 15 m trailer boxes. of length (50 feet), if you have that possibility, you can ask for the sections cut to that length.

Below we present a table with the number of sections of TKP pipe that can be sent according to the diameter, in order to guide our customers of a number of meters of tube that can be shipped in each transport unit and provide them the calculation of the freight expenses of a special order.



We develop your projects integrally. Our engineering department is ready to support and advise you, leave our solution to your needs in the hands of our engineers.



For any questions, please contact your TKP sales representative.


Applicable Regulations

National Regulations

The national standards applicable to the TKP pipe are:




NOM-001-CONAGUA-2011: drinking water systems, domiciliary sewer and sanitary sewer-hermeticity-specifications and test methods.




NMX E-018-CNCP-2012: industry of plastic-pipes of high density polyethylene (pead) for the conduction of water pressure-specifications and test methods.



The international standards applicable to the TKP pipe are:



ASTM-F-714: standard specification for polyethylene (pe) plastic pipe (dr-pr) based on outside diameter


AWWA C-906: polyethylene (pe) pressure pipe and fittings, 4 in. (100 mm) through 63 in. (1,575 mm), for water distribution and transmission


ASTM F-2620: standard practice for heat fusion joining of polyethylene pipe and fittings. 

NSF: NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 61 - Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects. Product is Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 and conforms with the lead content requirements for “lead free” plumbing as defined by California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana state laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act.



Properties of the Raw Material

The TKP pipe is made by combining the best materials and the most modern manufacturing technology. In this chapter we present the general qualities of the raw materials that make up the heart of the TKP pipe.




High Density Polyethylene TKP Pipe:




The TKP pipe is made with the most modern and advanced polyethylene resin that is available in the world, known in Europe as PE-100, this polyethylene resin has an MRS of 10.0 MPa (1450 psi) at 20 ° C (68 ° F), in accordance with the provisions of ISO 9080 and ISO 12162 standards.


The term MRS, by the abbreviations in English of the term Minimum Required Strength, refers to the hydrostatic categorized effort, which resists circumferentially internally a tube for pre-established conditions according to ISO 9080: "Determination of Long-Term Hydrostatic Strength of Thermoplastic.

Materials in Pipe form by Extrapolation.” El MRS establecido según esta norma es un valor mínimo determinado según los resultados de las pruebas aplicadas a los tubos fabricados con ese compuesto de acuerdo a la norma ISO-12162.


Chemical Resistance Table

We develop your projects integrally. Our engineering department is ready to support and advise you, leave our solution to your needs in the hands of our engineers.


Fittings Specifications

Meet our fittings specifications. Our dimensions not included in this table are specific, please request them from your TKP sales representative.


Weight Tables

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