Sunbeam Reflector HDPE

TKP Technipipe & Supplies has developed the TKP - REFLEX pipe with a coextruded outer layer in white HDPE with high performance UV stabilizers and black interior body, complying with ASTM F714.



  • Sunbeams rejecting white outer layer with UV stabilizers of the latest generation. The heat absorption is less than half:

PE-4710 black pipe: 95%

TKP-REFLEX pipe: 41%

  • Manufactured in diameters of 3” - 20” IPS, SDR 7 - 41.

  • TKP-FIT o ers a full range of prefabricated ttings.

  • Lowest correction factor for temperature: 82% working pressure of buried pipe, compared to 65% of PE-4710 black pipe. 


  • Greater flow capacity and greater effciency in pumping.

  • Greater capacity to work in long lengths.

  • Higher working pressure, longer pipe life TKP-REFLEX against black PE-4710.

  • More economical conduction lines: less need to overdesign the tube to withstand working pressure, thinner tubes.

  • 46% less thermal expansion and contraction than the black pipe, which represents savings in the lenght of the pipe, and less risk of nding the conduction pipe out of its original trace.

  • The extra length for “snaking” pipe is reduced from 4% to only 2%.

  • Much better movement up racks or supports.

  • Lower anchor weight. 


  • Conveying of slurries in mining industry Water pipe batteries for oil & gas industry

  • Any pipeline installed over ground

* For more information about our Chemical Agents, visit our section Technical Information.

The answer for the problems of high temperature suffered by the pipes exposed to the sunlight 

The following graph defines the percentages in which the working capacity of the high-density polyethylene pipe increases or decreases as a result of the temperature, with the temperature coordinates and corresponding correction factor. As an example, at 23°C (73ºF), when the pipe has a factor of 1.0, which is equivalent to 100% of its capacity. This temperature is usually recorded when the pipe is buried. The adjustment factor is essential to ensure the correct performance of the pipe, without risk of premature wear or over pressure failure.


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