The main application of the TKP-AR pipe is in the Mining Industry:

Most of the uses of the PE pipe in the mining industry are extremely related with the pipe’s ability to endure the strong abrasion attack of the fluids conveyed.

Slurries, Muds and even minerals in powder, are the must usual forms of the uids and the extremely smooth internal surface of the PE-Pipe has always be an advantage in the working life of the pipe. 

Expressed weights are only approximate, and informative, they do not constitute a specification. In case of requiring a specific size not included in this table please contact TKP os visit 

Where fluids are high in solids that cause abrasion wear. 

The development of the pipe, TKP-AR, is a combination of technical efforts between TKP and our world leader supplier of plastics.


Our prototypes were carefully tested in the facilities of our world leader supplier, in Freeport Tx.


After more than 600,000 cycles, TKP – AR pipe, show the following results compared to a standard PE4710 pipe:


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Abration Resistant HDPE

Designed for the most demanding conveying conditions in mining, metallurgy, dredging and other applications where fluids are high in solids that cause abrasion wear. 



  • The modified polymer of the inner wall of the pipe TKP-AR, allows the selection of the DR is carried out less overrated by prevention to the wear.

  • Having a smaller wall thickness, the inside diameter increases, as well as the volume of the ow, the e ciency and productivity of the line.

  • The pipe is lighter, easier to handle and install in the field.

  • If you decide to maintain the DR of the pipe, the wear by abrasion is the half, therefore the life of the line increases to double.

  • The frequency to rotate the pipe also decreases in half, consequently the cost and time invested for this process also decreases. 


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