HDPE pipe system for protection of liquid leakage.

Double containment piping is critical where there may be a risk for the environment. This double containment 
pipe is a reliable and safe techniques to protect against leakage of dangerous liquids from the inner central pipes.

The double containment system is composed of two pipes, one of smaller diameter within another of larger diameter, the inner pipe transports the fluid, the outer pipe provides additional security if a leakage of the inner pipe occurs. For leak detection, there are different methods available. 


  • People's safety and environmental protection.

  • Emission reduction and energy conservation.

  • Prevention of pollution of groundwater.

  • Chemical waste.

Complete range of fabricated fittings and accessories are available.

  • Water and wastewater treatment plants. 

  • Chemical and treatment plants. 


HDPE Protection of liquid leakage.


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