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Butt Fusion

Pipe joining method by means of thermofusion

Polyethylene (PE) pipes can be joined by thermal welding. That is, prepare the two faces to join, remove the outer part and leave them flat facing each other, heat to a temperature of 220ºC for a set time by means of a flat-faced electric heater, then quickly remove the heater and joining the still hot surfaces to a certain pressure until the junction fulfills a cooling time, also predetermined.

The most commonly used thermofusion union systems are:



  • Butt joint, for tubes

  • Union to Socket: for tubes and connections of low diameter, female-male style, where the connection (elbow, tee, coupling, etc.) is female.

  • Silleta Union: where the thermofusion occurs on the spine of the tube.

Thermofusion to Top


Método de Soldadura de Plástico por medio de Electrofusión

Polyethylene (PE) pipes can be joined by thermal welding. The most commonly used welded joint systems are:


  • Electrofusion


  • Welding of Hot Air Supply


  • Extrusion Welding


  • Thermofusion to Top


Welding of Hot Air Supply

Method of Welding of Plastic by means of Contribution by Hot Air

​The welding is of the autogenous type, that is to say that the own material of the piece is used while material is added with a rod of contribution and heat, to recover the thickness and the body of the piece. During welding, both the piece and the filler rod will be heated. The formation of a small rebarba at the edges is a guarantee of a good union of the plastic. The welds can also be reinforced with metal mesh, this technique will give an extra reinforcement to the welded pieces. The finishing of the operation will be done using both a grinder, sander, drill, a scraper and manual sanding sheets to give the correct finish to the repaired parts.

Welding of Hot Air Supply

Extrusion Welding

Method of Welding of Plastic by means of Extrusion

The welding by extrusion is one that is made with input of material. This welding is done with an extruder machine. This machine is composed of a melting chamber, a preheating nozzle and a Teflon nozzle that will finally give the shape of the weld.

The filler material can be rod or granulate. This material is introduced into the extrusion chamber, there it is heated and through an endless screw it is pushed outwards. It is then when the operator supports the machine on the sheets that the welding is carried out while a flow of hot air preheats the welding zone.

The sheets to be welded previously must have been polished so that the welding has a perfect adhesion. In this type of welding, temperature and speed variables also appear, which can vary according to the sheet, ambient temperature, etc ... which are related to each other as welded by hot wedge. All the finishes, patches and special joints are made by this method.

Extrusion Welding
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