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TKP-FIT is our line of fabricated fittings and other HDPE products:


- Fabricated Fittings.

- Flanges and Flanged Adapters.

- Customized Fittings according to our customers design.


TKP uses manufacturing tables with the most modern technology, which has a system with advanced computerized controls of the variables of temperature, pressure and fusion times.


EDR fittings system:


The pieces in the EDR system are manufactured in a different DR with a greater wall thickness, and the tips are rectified so that the tube, which is of thinner DR can be hot-melted eficiently, leaving only the body of the piece protected for a better resistance to pressure performance.

EDR parts are offered from 8 ", 10", 12 "and 16" IPS, DR 7. DR 5 parts are offered in 8 ", 10", 12 "and 16" IPS, only in SDR system.


SDR fittings system:


In this system, the tube and the fittings are made in the same DR and therefore have the same thickness.

Fittings : Product Catalogue

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